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When traditional medicine isn't working for you...

Give us a call. If you're in chronic pain, you may benefit from our fitness services. We'll help you manage your medical conditions through exercise, helping you alleviate many of your aches and pains while making you stronger and more flexible in the process.


We will teach you how to modify your fitness programs to stay safe, strong, and injury-free throughout your life, so you can have a life that's worth living.

This isn't professional rehabilitation

If your injuries are so serious that you require help from licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, or physicians, please seek the proper medical attention. While we can help you reduce your aches and pains, we cannot diagnose or treat your condition.

Manage your condition with exercise

If you're still sore and uncomfortable after an injury or surgery, our certified medical exercise specialist can help.

Hire a certified personal trainer for one-on-one help with your medical exercise regimen.


Bring your life back up to speed

You may have gotten used to an exercise routine by the time you're finished with your physical therapy, so don't stop just yet! Sign up for a fitness assessment so we can see if you're ready for our running or flexibility programs!


Get your routine back with post-rehab body training

 •  Fibromyalgia

 •  Hypertension

 •  Diabetes

 •  Knee meniscus tears

 •  Spinal stenosis

 •  Osteoarthritis

 •  Rheumatoid arthritis

 •  Carpal tunnel syndrome

 •  Stroke

 •  Heart attack

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