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Dancers are athletes

You may not realize it, but many dancers are in tip-top shape. Most dancers spend time working on their routines without ever focusing on the well-rounded fitness regimen that their bodies actually need.


If you want to be able to perform to the best of your abilities on stage, give us a call. We'll help you figure out the best exercise program to help you succeed.

Work out your exercise routine with us

Recent years of research have indicated that many dancers are not as fit or as healthy as they could be. Call us to sign up for a cross training program to round out your off-season and become physiologically fit.

Include the core components of fitness in your workout

 •  Aerobic fitness

 •  Anaerobic fitness

 •  Muscle endurance

 •  Strength

 •  Power

For direct training and a personalized fitness session, sign up for a class with our certified personal trainer!

Hire a certified group exercise instructor to train your entire team!


Pair the perfect routine with your dance

We'll help you figure out which exercise routines will help your dance career, and we've got plenty to choose from! Sign up for a fitness assessment, then take a look at our running or flexibility programs, all at an affordable price!


Get the body you want for a better dance career

 •  Flexibility

 •  Neuromuscular coordination

 •  Body composition

 •  Rest

 •  Call us now!

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